Curtis and Gina ~ Wedding

Gina planned her wedding day down to the last detail, and it was flawless.  Or, at least, I assume it was flawless.

Because looking back I’m not sure.  I’m not sure that anyone would have noticed if it started late, or if the flowers were wrong, or if a detail was missed during the ceremony. I’m not sure because the one detail that overwhelmed everything else was how much Gina and Curtis loved being together.  You could see it in their eyes from the moment we arrived to walking out the door sixteen hours later.

They may have planned every last detail to make the day their own, but there was only one thing that really mattered to them:  being together.

And we can’t thank them enough for allowing us to share that day with them, and for the opportunity to witness a truly amazing couple come together and plant a little love.


St PeterSt PeterSt PeterKatke Golf Course

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