Hudsonville: Michigan’s Salad Bowl

  • Katrina - Do you remember where you took these? Cross street wise? It looks familiar to me. I grew up in the muck fields. They just got done harvesting the Onions. That is what is in the crates in case you didn’t know. 😀

  • Alex - Sure do – the onion crates were right down Chicago drive near 48th. Loooooove that onion smell! 😉

  • Katrina - Ahh, yes!! Just south of where I grew up! I don’t know why, but I just really, really love this picture. I guess it just brings me home and to a time of innocence and being a little girl. I actually really DO love that smell! LOL If you ever want to sell one of these pics, I might be interested in buying one. Lu will tell you my info. 😀

  • Alex - Absolutely – I’ll have Lu pass on some info ;-).

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