Jason and Holly

The first time we met Holly and Jason in person was at a candy store in downtown Holland, Michigan.  Luanne (my wife) was raiding the Jelly Belly jars, and I was taking pictures of the clerk while she poured them with into a bag with a little metal scoop.  I may have told the clerk to “pretend like I’m not even here”, and Holly and Jason may have seen me do it.  I still don’t know, and I’ve never asked, because I was a little embarrassed.

“Oh look, there’s our wedding photographer in a candy store harassing the help with a giant camera. Wonderful.”

It turns out they probably thought it was funny, and, had we known each other a little better at the time, they probably would have jumped in and done a few pours themselves.

See, Jason and Holly are fun.  And more importantly, they’re wonderful, caring people who love each other very much.  As an outsider looking in on their wedding day it was awesome to witness.  I’m thrilled that I was the one to document it and tell their story.

But more than that, I’m thrilled that after this whole little adventure Luanne and I now consider Holly and Jason our friends, and we’ll be making lots more memories for years to come.

Follow this link for a slideshow of their day.

  • Dean Govier - Great work. I love the series of curly straw images. The bride & groom should be as pleased as punch with these.

  • LaKaye Mbah - I LOVE the ones where the bride is laughing in the field!! You did an outstanding job of capturing the emotion of the day!

  • Leo Druker - Fantastic work! Love the reception shots.

  • kristi wright - These are awesome!!! I love the shot of the kids looking on to the dance floor (first dance). Great moments!!

  • Danielle - Alex, you gotta’ stop making me tear up everytime I look at these pics. You are amazing! Having you and your wonderful and most beautiful assistant, Luanne, there to document Holly and Jason’s wedding was incredible… and that’s just me as a bridesmaid speaking. I think their wedding was just the beginning for you and you will be one very popular and much sought after photographer. Kudos!!! 🙂

  • Holly - I don’t know why I never thought to comment on this before…but I was just looking at our pictures yet again and cannot sing Alex’s praise enough. Him and Luanne were a blessing on our wedding day and thanks to them, we have it forever captured.

    oh, and as a p.s. we didn’t hear your harass the store clerk but we would have laughed hard if we had heard. Jason would have probably tried to get the clerk to pour them directly into his mouth :-).

    thank you again for all you did for us on our big day!

    Holly and Jason

  • Joey Chandler - Love the shot of the 3 boys from the back. You know they were up to something. Looks like a fun day for sure. Great job.

  • Nikole - The bridal party pop pictures rock my world! And the very first image in this post is incredible. Very nice job!

  • ed peers - Beautifully captured… love your perspective!

  • Jason Burns - These are so fun! You did an amazing job capturing this event.

  • Joey Chandler - Love the straw shots. Great idea for that. And you capture the energy of this dat wonderfully. Nice work.

  • Nick Coyne - Some fantastic images here! Love your work!

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