Mike and Megan ~ Married

Mike and Megan met in February of 2009.

They were engaged in July of 2010, and Mike left for Afghanistan one month later.

While he was there, Megan kept herself busy by planning their wedding and working her way through medical school.  His deployment was difficult and at times extremely dangerous, but they endured.

If you were to ask them about the time they’ve spent together since they met, their answer would be framed in weeks and weekends surrounded by silent stares through airport security and long distance calls.  Goodbyes became so common that they made a habit of signing “I Love You” just before losing sight of each other at gate checks and security stops.

So it was really no surprise when we showed up in New York and met two amazing people who truly cherished each moment they had together.

They were happy, and genuinely in love.

We could see it in their eyes, their interactions, and in the faces of their friends and family who came to share this special day.

And after all the trials and hardships that were put in their way, they came out on the other side better, stronger people, and ready to face whatever else the world can throw their way.

Truly, Mike and Megan were meant to be together.

And now they are.



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