The Home Stretch

If you ever want attention, walk into a hospital with a giant camera and ask about a child’s chemotherapy and radiation treatment schedule.

You’ll get attention.  Lots and lots of attention.

I know, because last week I received permission from both Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and the Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion to attend and photograph treatments with Mitchell and his parents.  And I did just that.

Luckily, the staff at both locations were extremely efficient, discrete, and professional.  All things considered, it went very well.

This week marks the first break Mitchell has had since his diagnosis.  He gets a full four weeks off from everything.  No physical therapy, no radiation, and no chemotherapy.  Nothing.  He gets to relax and recuperate in preparation for the long haul of treatments on the horizon.

But the treatments to come aren’t what’s important right now.  What is important is that Mitchell has exceeded all expectations for his recovery, both physically, mentally, and medically, and your thoughts and prayers have been instrumental in that.  Furthermore, it’s important that everyone remember that Mitchell and his family are still in the middle of their fight and need as many the thoughts, prayers, and support as they ever have.

So keep it up.

  • Melissa Klitz - AWESOME!! Alex, God has given you this talent, and its great that you are willing to document this journey for the Bunings. My nephew will appreciate this too, one day when he looks back after he beats this horrible disease, he will think ” how did I get through all that” . As his aunt, I cherish this document…and I cant thank you enough. Mitchell is a fighter, and in the pics you showed the braveness he puts out all the time. thank you

  • Holly Beamer - Alex – as always, your ability to capture someones story with your camera has moved me to tears.

  • Meagon - Truly amazing. You are very talented.

  • Thelma Buning - Thanks so much Alex. Your work is incredible and this is a wonderful gift for them. Thank you thank you. I am at their house taking care of the baby and you conveyed what they are doing- now I know and can FEEL it. Amazing!

  • Sandra Gruppen - Thank you Alex. I was moved to tears. Mitchell is so brave and you captured it beautifully. I watched my father, Bob Buning, Mitchell’s great-grandfather, my brother Darwin, Mitchell’s grandfather, fight cancer with such dignity and courage, just like Mitchell is doing. Mitchell is going to beat this is what I pray everyday. I know our heavenly Father is listening to us. May God Bless you and your talent !!!!

  • Melissa - Amazing! I am speechless and have been moved to tears. What a brave liitle boy!

  • Lisa Hunderman - Just Beautiful. What a honor to be apart of something they will cherish forever.

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